Our Product Quality

BIOselect® Organic Cosmetics composition is based on the collection of the purest herbal raw materials. The main ingredient we use is Dictamelia®, which is the salutary combination of the Dittany herb, and organic extra virgin olive oil from Crete.

1. Organic Farming

The main ingredients of BIOselect® Organic Cosmetics, such as herbal extracts, olive oil, aromatic oils, and essential oils, are sourced from 100% certified organic farming. The mild preservatives are limited in amounts of <2%, which is way below the standard limit of 5% that is established by the Organic Certification Organizations for organic products.

2. Ethical Production

None of the Certified Organic products of BIOselect® contain ingredients that are harmful to human health or the environment, and no animal testing took place during their production.

3. Holistic Care

Most of the oils and extracts contained in our products have multiple antioxidant, soothing, anti-aging, and regenerating action, thus providing an effective and holistic protection for face and body.

4. Skin Health First

The emulsifiers that are used to stabilize the cream and gel products are of natural origin, particularly soft and compatible with the skin.

The water in our products has been replaced by organic hydrosols, which are softer and milder than water, providing a soothing and antioxidant effect.

The natural ingredients of Organic Cosmetics are actively absorbed and can effectively penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

5. Low environmental Impact

The raw materials in our products are biodegradable to prevent environmental impact.

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